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Facials & Skin Treatments


Customized Facial                              $70

A facial uniquely designed to address your individualized skin care needs and concerns to improve and maintain your skin's health. We will recommend add-on services as needed.

Dermaplane Facial                            $90

A customized facial with dermaplane.  This safe and simple treatment exfoliates your skin to remove dead skin cells and hair from your face leaving your skin immediately smoother and brighter.

Hydrating H2O2 Facial                     $110

Using advanced technology with hydrodermabrasion, ultrasound therapy, radio frequency, oxygen infusion, and cold therapy, this facial will improve your skin's hydration, elasticity, pore size and texture leaving you with a youthful glow.

*Best results with Dermaplane add-on.


O2 Lift Facial                                      $100

This luxurious treatment combines oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and enzymatic botanicals driving them deep into the skin delivering a visible boost and giving it a glorious glow. This treatment is great for all skin types. Add a dermaplane for optimal results.


Youth Facial                                        $60

A facial experience created for children and young adults up to age 18 to provide them with education on skin care routines.  This facial includes the hydrojelly mask, a great idea for your child to learn from an expert on how to care for their skin.

Facial Add-ons

Hydrojelly Mask                                   $20

High Frequency                                   $10

Radio Frequency                                 $10

LED Light Therapy                               $25

Ultrasound Therapy                             $10

Dermaplane                                         $50


Face                                                    $250

Series of 3 - $650

Face & Neck                                       $300

Series of 3 - $850

    PRP (Plate Rich Plasma) is a
   component of your blood concentrated
   with platelets which
 contain protein  
   growth factors and cells rich in nutrients.
   PRP is achieved when we draw a small

   amount blood and using the FDA
   approved ProGen technology, spin the
   blood, separating the PRP from the other
   blood components. The PRP can then
   be injected in facial folds and wrinkles 
   or can even be used with microneedling.       This creates an inflammatory response
   that triggers the production of collagen
   and elastin naturally. This procedure 
   leaves the skin tighter, more
   more radiant, evens out tone 
   and improves wrinkles and deep folds.
   This is a wonderful procedure for filling in      the hollow under the eyes and helps with 
   under eye bags and circles.

   Eyes                                                 $350
   Face and Neck                               $650

Chemical Peels

 VI Original                                        $200

 VI Advanced                                    $250

 VI Purify                                            $250

 VI Precision Plus                              $300

 VI Precision Plus + Purify                $350

 VI Body Peel                          $350-$400


Eyebrows   $15             Back            $60

Lips             $12             Half Arms    $30

Chin           $12              Full Arms    $50

Nose          $12              Half Legs    $45

Armpits     $25              Full Legs     $80

Chest        $40              Bikini           $40

                                      Brazilian      $75

Lashes & Brows

Permanent Makeup

by Magnolia Permanent Cosmetics

This service utilizes tattooing to enhance the brow, lips and lash areas. It is considered permanent requiring only touch ups after the initial procedure.

Lip Blushing                                     $400

Smokey Lash Enhancement

Top Liner Only                                $400

Top & Bottom Liner                        $500

Microblading                                   $400

Ombre’/Powder Brow                    $500

Combination Brow                          $500

Color Boost (Yearly Boost)             $250

8-10 Week Touchup                        $100

Brow Shape & Tint                               $30

Brow or Lash Tint                                 $20

Lash Lift                                                $65

Lash Lift & Tint                                     $80

Brow Lamination                                  $65

Brow Lamination & Tint                       $80

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